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January 2010, Issue #008

Table of Contents

This month's topic:

Some Thoughts on Life

  • 10 Ways To Enjoy A Healthier Life

  • Some Thoughts on Life

    Happy New Year!

    What will you do differently in 2010?

    I usually ask myself the same question every year, but this year it seems more poignant than in the past. On Christmas Eve morning, a dear friend of mine suffered a massive stroke and as of today, she is still unable to eat and speak and very has limited movement.

    In a single moment her life was changed forever. It has stirred all kinds of emotions in me and has made me really think about the time we have and what's truly important.

    Time here on earth is a gift from God. No matter how much money we have, it's the one thing we can't get more of. So often I find myself getting so busy with things that seem urgent at the time, but in retrospect they really weren't important at all. Yet I let those things steal away my precious time that day.

    So one thing I will do in 2010 is to be thankful for each day remembering that is it a gift from God that should not be wasted. As you enjoy your gift of time each day, consider new ways to enjoy a healthier and more fulfilled life.

    10 Ways To Enjoy A Healthier Life

  • Eat whole foods, cut out processed/packaged foods
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Eat organic whenever possible
  • Drink more water (preferably filtered)
  • Cut the sugar! Bake your own treats with xylitol.
  • Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil & real butter instead of margarine
  • Find a fun activity to add enjoyment & exercise (dancing, bowling, biking
  • Read/learn about a new hobby/interest (keeps brain cells working!)
  • Get involved in a church or a community
  • Do some community service or find a way to serve or care for others
  • Best Wishes For a Happy & Healthy New Year!

    To Your Good Health!

    Barb Hughesian

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