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August 2009, Issue #004

Table of Contents

This month's topic:

The Unveiling of the Food Production Industry

  • The Movie, Food, Inc

    Food, Inc. Tells a Shocking Story About Our Food Production Industry

    I recently went to see the movie Food, Inc. and I would encourage everybody to go see it, but don't take your small children.

    Robert Kenner, the filmmaker, uncovers some very serious problems in our country's food production industry. The truth about what's really going on is kept hidden from the American consumer. There has been no media advertising about this film and it's only being shown in a few select theaters.

    Do You Think Our Food Is Safe?

    Many people think our food is safe because we have government agencies that are supposed to protect us and our food supply. But after watching this movie, it seems nothing could be further from the truth because all of this is happening with the consent and support of the USDA and FDA.

    Our nation's food supply has very little to do with the American farmer anymore. They are being bullied and sued out of existence. In fact, the foods you see in your grocery stores are now controlled by just a handful of corporations.

    Corporations that place their profit ahead of:

  • our health
  • the farmer's livelihood
  • the safety of the workers
  • and even our environment
  • Here's just a few of the things you'll learn about:

  • how most chickens never see the light of day
  • how they're genetically modified to have more breast meat
  • modified to grow faster than nature intended
  • how cows are factory farmed and don't graze on grass
  • how produce and grains are genetically modified
  • our produce is showered with pesticides & herbicides
  • Round-Up Ready seeds
  • they've even manufactured tomatoes that won't go bad
  • Our food supply is getting further and further from nature and from being natural.

    The factory farmed meats are resulting in new strains of e coli. This harmful bacteria affects an estimated 73,000 Americans every year, and apparently the USDA is powerless to control it or shut down the offending producers and factories.

    The movie also brings to light the issue of government subsidies making it cheaper to eat unhealthy processed food rather than fresh whole foods. Is it any wonder that obesity is so widespread and that diabetes is hitting epidemic levels?

    We Have No Control Over GMO

    Our own government is allowing these corporations to produce and sell GMO GMO food (foods from genenitically modified organisms) without our knowledge because they won't make GMO labeling mandatory.

    And the amount of unhealthy chemicals in our food today is shocking. But clever packaging and marketing sure makes it look healthy, doesn't it? Consumer beware, your health is at stake!

    What You Can Do?

    To learn more about the movie, please view my article at Go Articles.

    Experts say it only takes about 20% of consumers to switch their shopping dollars to healthier food choices. Even that small amount is enough to get the food producers to notice what the consumers are demanding.

    To learn more about what you can do visit the Food Inc page at Healthy Choices.

    Please, go see the movie. To find out where it's playing in your area go to the Food Inc, Movie Home Page.

    Until next month....Enjoy the rest of summer, keep working on building your health, fall is just around the corner.

    To your good health,

    Barb Hughesian

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