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My Purpose

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 My purpose at Healthy Choices 4 Life is simply to share what I've learned and to share the steps I've taken in developing a healthier lifestyle for me and my family.

I am blessed to call myself a child of God.  I am so thankful for all the blessings I have been given.  I have the best husband a gal could ever want and a wonderful family, including my parents, siblings, children and grandsons.


We LOVE spending our time with our family.  We know everyday with them is truly a gift from God.  We want to enjoy our family for as long as we can and in the best of health!!

Which is the whole reason for starting the journey to improve our health. We hope you'll come along and join us on the journey by subscribing to my E-zine.

My Background

I am not an expert in health care and I'm not medical professional, but I am a dedicated mom and wife that wants the best for her family. 

I take my family's health seriously and I am committed to improving our health by eating nutrient dense foods and healing our bodies with more natural based health alternatives.

In my mission to improve our health I became an avid student and started doing my homework. I have sought out knowledge by reading books and articles, attending lectures and seminars, taking on-line courses and webinars, doing research and talking with health care professionals.

I strive to continue growing in my knowledge of healthy eating and natural health alternatives.

My Hope

I hope you'll be inspired to learn how you too can enjoy better health by simply making healthier choices in what you eat, what you put on your body and what you use in your home.

Even if you don't agree with everything you read on my website, I hope you'll use this information as a spring board to improve your health in a more natural way. 

To stay up to date with new information, I invite you to sign up for my E-zine by filling out the box below.  If at any time you feel you are not satisfied, you can simply "unsubscribe".

Just listen to your body, do your own research, learn as much as you can and take responsibility for your health, it's never too late!

To Your Good Health!

Barb Hughesian

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