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More than ever people are searching for organic skincare products, especially cancer survivors.  Using organic skincare products is a wise choice because your skin is like a sponge. It absorbs whatever you put on it.  

If you've done any research, you already know that we are bombarded with way too many chemicals in our food, water and environment.  Unfortunately, we can't control many of the environmental chemicals and toxins. However, we can control the products we buy and use.

If you've looked around my website you'll see I have been researching how to make healthier choices for about 10 years now. I try to post and share many of the things I've learned right here on this website.

I started, like most people, by changing my diet. I eliminated all processed foods and started cooking and eating real food, taking vitamins and probiotics, etc.

However, finding affordable organic skincare products and toxin free cosmetics was really challenging, until recently...


Poofy Organics.  While they have a cute name, they are serious about their products.  They don't just claim to be organic, they actually go through the rigorous yearly credentialing process to be able to proudly place the USDA Organic label on their products.

Poofy Organics was founded in 2006 after a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. (Poofy is the nick-name of a young member of the family.)  This family was determined to stop using products laden with toxic chemicals. Unable to find suitable alternatives, they made it their mission to develop their own line of products searching for and using the safest and most effective ingredients.

This is a small family owned company that makes organic skincare products that are made fresh, by hand in small batches at their own premises. Since they are USDA certified you can be sure you're getting the purest products possible, with no hidden ingredients.


You will not find toxic ingredients like: synthetic fragrance, parabens, triclosan, PEGs, Triethanolamine, Oxybenzone, GMOs and other harmful chemicals.  They are a toxin free company.


There is no animal testing on any of their products and they use recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

They utilize Green Manufacturing Processes.  They are Certified Cruelty Free, Gluten and Dairy Free.  Many products are VEGAN, all ingredients are fully disclosed. Quality Control is performed by the owner who oversees all ingredients and production.


Everyone in the family can benefit from organic skincare products like soap and toothpaste. But they have so much more to offer, something for everyone.

For us women they have luxury products for pampering as well as the “Poofy Glam” line of cosmetics and nail polish and remover, natural hair coloring and so much more.

They have a complete “Baby Poof” line with products that you can feel safe using with your children. This line also includes for nursing Mom's as well.

As those little ones grow and into “darling” teens, you can feel confident in letting them use more age appropriate products from the "Young, Wild and Free" without harmful toxins and hormones.  Safe acne prevention and treatment, deodorant, sport sprays and lotions as well. 

And of course we don't want to forget about the important men in our lives. They can use the “Ruggedly Natural” line of showering, shaving and beard oil products to keep them looking good and cologne to keep them smelling good.

But that's not all... for all the activities associated with good body care and health protection, there is a complete hair care line, safe deodorants, lice prevention, toothpaste and mouthwash, hand soaps and sanitizers, shower steamers and bath bombs, sunscreen, pest protection, wound treatment, eczema lotion, natural hair color, warming massage oil, complete line of essential oils and so much more.

Feel free to look around and see the hundreds of toxin free and organic skincare products that are available. If you see something you like, you can order directly from the website by setting up a customer account.

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