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Do We Really Need Supplements?

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Supplements wouldn't be needed if we were able to eat a "traditional" diet like our ancestors did.  

However, times have changed, our diets have changed and our food supply has changed.

  Just pick up any newspaper or magazine these days and you will see the "latest study" reports on how nutrition affects our health.

Good Habits Don't Always Equal Good Health

Many people make their health a "priority" by making better food choices, exercising, getting regular check ups.

But these good habits are not enough any more unless you are supplementing your diet.

Our foods, excluding organic farms, are lacking in the essential nutrients we need to thrive and prevent diseases.

Unfortunately this is negatively affecting both the quality of life and longevity of life in our country.

Sadly, the United States is the only country in which cancer is the leading cause of death among children.

Why Can't You Get Your Nutrients From Food?

We can't get all the nutrients we need from our food mainly because of commercial farming practices that no longer provide the same fertilization and crop rotation practices. Consequently, the soil gets depleted of necessary minerals, especially zinc and magnesium.

If the soil is not rich in nutrients, our fruits,vegetables and grains can't possibly get an adequate supply of nutrients either. Organic food has been shown to have higher levels of vitamins and minerals than non-organic. So it is worth the time and money to buy organic as much as you can.

To further deplete the nutrients, our produce is picked before maturity, and placed in cold storage, then they're gassed to prevent ripening until they can get them to the store. By the time they reach the store and we cook them, there is very little nutritive value left by the time we eat them.

Further Causes of Depleted Nutrients

Busy stressful lifestyles, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption deplete our systems of vital nutrition. Environmental elements like toxins, chemicals and air pollution also contribute to a depletion of vitamins and minerals from our bodies.

Making The Case For Supplementation

With all the evidence being published from the thousands of studies being done every year, there is no doubt that good nutrition is necessary to prevent disease.

So if the proper nutrients will fuel our body and prevent disease, but our foods don't contain the proper nutrients, then we have a problem.

That's where supplementation come in, they act as our rescue boat in the sea of depleted nutrients!

They fill in for our depleted food source and fortify and strengthen us with the necessary nutrients we need to thrive and stay disease free.

Where Do I Start?

All supplements are not created equal. There are many on the market and you should choose wisely and do your homework.

Finding a good health food store with a knowledgeable staff is a good first step.  They are more likely to carry all natural supplements.

There are also many reputable and high quality on-line providers as well.  I use Nature's Sunshine as my source. 

natural herbs

Basic Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Start with the basics, everyone needs a good source of vitamins and minerals. Many people don't like taking pills but that's okay.  There are many options available now.  Vitamins come in liquid form, gummy chews, dissolving tabs and even powdered stick packs to add to your water bottle.  

Food Enzymes and Probiotics

Due to the American diet, many of us lack the proper enzymes in our system to properly break down our foods.

Many people have found a food enzyme supplement to be very helpful in digesting proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The other digestive aid that many of us need are Probiotics which help to maintain and replenish our intestines with the "good" bacteria.

With these two supplements, your tummy should stop rockin' and rollin'.

Other Natural Alternatives

If you're concerned about all the medications that you may be taking, there are usually more natural health alternatives or herbal remedies that will accomplish similar results. However, don't stop taking your medication without consulting your healthcare professional.

One alternative to anti-viral and antibiotic medications, we like using is Silver Shield. It is a natural, safe, non-toxic, effective solution to use in place of over the counter medicines as well as antibiotics.

Even when taken with antibiotics, it helps increase the effectiveness of them. If you're looking for alternative medicine options, try Silver Shield as your first line of defense against viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites.

Mother Nature's Pharmacy

I have heard it said, for every "medicine" that the pharmacy has, Mother Nature has one too! Unfortunately doctors weren't trained by Mother Nature, so we have to learn about other remedies on our own or seek out someone who has the knowledge.

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