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Aspartame Affected My
Speech and Memory

by Bob

I used to consume a small box of Ricola sweets with the artificial sugar aspartame for almost everyday for 2-3 years to eliminate bad breath, as I work in sales. After that I noticed that my speech started to slur. Fortunately when I stopped taking them, the symptons started to slowly disappear, though the problem will return if I start to consume anything with aspartame again.

As of today, I still don't know if I have completeley recovered. Sometimes I show symptoms though not as serious. I become extremely forgetful, and it seems that I have some problem with my brain linking separate events of visualizing two separate roads and connecting them. For example when I reach a place, I can't remember how or which route I had taken just a few minutes ago! And I'm only 39 years old.

Sucralose will also cause severe abdominal bloating with terrible amounts of gas in the stomach which you can feel moving inside for several hours, and embarrassing long farts. It's terrible what the manufacturers hide from the consumers.

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