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Exercise Ideas If You
Live Near The Beach

by Nicole
(Vancouver WA)

Boogie boarding is super fun and a great exercise, you use your whole body, especially your legs fighting against waves, and it's super easy, even body surfing is fun! I suggest maybe a wetsuit when in the ocean but, it is definitely worth it.

Also, go running or walking around. The beach is hard to run on so it gives you better results. Just walking on the beach or walking through little towns is awesome exercise. The view is usually gorgeous and it provides great entertainment while walking or running.

Make sure you drink LOTS of water, it is the usually the main reason people start losing weight and get toned. They drink tons of water, walk or run a little, maybe lift some weight here and there, but water is the trick.

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Live Near The Beach

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Oct 30, 2015
by: Anonymous

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