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Sensitive to all
Non-Sugar Sweeteners!

by Elaine
(McKinney, TX)

Aspartame gives me migraines. I can have it in small amounts (mints or gum), but diet sodas are out of my diet.

Sucralose gives me facial/mouth itching, chest congestion, and throat swelling; I went to the ER once because I'd accidentally ingested sucralose, and the doctor kept telling me that I must have eaten shellfish, because it was just like a shellfish reaction! (I have no shellfish allergy.) I have to be really careful, because sucralose is in so many things now! (Cough drops! Mouthwash! Ice cream! Even popcorn!)

Saccharine makes me have dizzy spells if I have the pink stuff in my coffee. Fortunately it's not a very bad reaction. My toothpaste and mouthwash brands contain saccharine, but I can spit them out with no problems or side effects--unlike mouthwash that has sucralose, which almost sent me to the ER once!

I even react to stevia. A couple of years ago I thought I was going into premature menopause, but my doctor ran tests and I was fine. I examined my diet, and figured out that my hot flashes, night sweating, and mood swings had begun not long after I started using stevia in my morning coffee. When I went back to sugar, the symptoms immediately stopped. Just to make sure, I had a cup with stevia after a couple days without, and spent the rest of the day flushed and uncomfortable. It may be made from a plant, but it sent my hormones all out of whack!

So I have to look at ingredients all the time. I can't drink sweet drinks at restaurants because of the risk of sucralose. I stay well away from diet sodas. I only use plain sugar in my coffee. And I try to stay healthy, because if I ever develop diabetes, I'm sunk!

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Non-Sugar Sweeteners!

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Oct 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

Getting knowledge about about what we should eat in different situation is very important same like dissertation service. Sugar is nice food but we need to keep balance in it.

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