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Splenda Caused 14 months of Sickness

by Un-named Author

I had used Splenda for many years and thought that it was OK and "healthy" to use.

I started experiencing severe light-headedness. It would only last a few days, then come back again a few weeks later. I had gone to the doctor and they thought that it was allergies, Went to the ENT, he thought it was Meniere's disease, had my heart tested, had an ultrasound of my carotid artery, and so many other tests done. Nothing came back as the reason for the light-headedness.

Then, the symptoms became worse with numbness, slurred speach, confusion, and my knees would buckle when I would stand. I was refered to a neurologist where I had a brain MRI which showed two large legions on my brain. He said that this looks like MS, we just need to do some more testing. So, I had an MRI of my spine and also a spinal tap. Everything came back negative.

A friend had sent me an article regarding artificial sweetners and how long term use can actually mimic MS. What??? Come to find out, there has never been any long term testing on humans, and, as you stated above, the public is their long term testing.

I stopped using Splenda about 4 months ago and feel fantastic! Never a symptom again!

How can this stuff, or most of our food for that matter, be approved by the FDA for human consumption? Why don't the doctors know about this? Why did I have to spend my $3000 deductable and take countless numbers of days off of work? Why did I have to spend 14 months feeling like crap just to find out through my own research that it was the Splenda causing all of this? We all know the answer to these questions! lol Very frustrating!

I would recomend that everyone stay way from artificial anything. It is so toxic to our bodies. Enough so that it almost gets us misdiagnosed with MS.

I am in a way glad that this all happened because now I am persuing a career in nutrition/herbalism. If we can stop the demand of toxic food, maybe one day the scales will tilt to having health, non-lab produced food for everyone!


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Jun 29, 2022
by: Anonymous

I have had the same side effects from Splenda for many, many years. I have been to 5 cardiologists, 4 different internal medicine doctors, countless ER visits all to have every test done come back negative. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they were negative but, I get lightheaded all the time, then I get anxious because I never know if that feeling will happen in public. At first, I thought it was dehydration but, after almost drowning myself with water, it kept happening. Coffee in the morning with 3 Splenda was the culprit. I noticed that every day after 2 p.m. I would start to feel better.
My symptoms are lightheadedness, feeling unsteady while walking, stomach upset along with diarrhea. Feeling faint was the scariest of all.
Thanks so much for the article. I know I'm not alone!!!

Sep 24, 2020
Allergy to Sucralose NEW
by: Anonymous

I am having swollen tongue, loss of taste, dry mouth, thirst, coughing, sleeplessness, and all this is related to one week of sucralose use on a diet challenge (In the diet foods!). Yikes!

Oct 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

We should try to stay away from splenda and tell to others also about writing my paper and its effects. This post has given us very precious information and saved so many lives.

Aug 20, 2015
True information is shared
by: Sonil

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Jul 27, 2015
It must be the Splenda!
by: Mr. Pepper

I've been using aspartame, saccharin and sucralose products for over 30 years now and so I have to take these unscientific "reports" with a few grains of salt. Yes, it's possible to have a reaction to artificial sweeteners. It's possible to get Type 2 Diabetes from too much sugar too! It's possible to die from a bee sting if you're allergic to it and others get relief from MS FROM a bee sting! Ironic? Maybe. But groups that try to shoe horn individual reactions to a one size fits all category should at least consider they are the odd person out. Some people swell up like a balloon if they eat peanuts. Does that mean peanuts should be banned from the Earth? No, only people that have problems with peanuts should avoid them. But when I read someone used Splenda products for "years" and then suddenly had an upset stomach and therefore it MUST be the Splenda...well...where the proof? You stopped using it and feel better?

I've had acid reflux problems over the years and it goes away when I go low carb. Does that mean all carbs cause acid reflux? No. Too much of CERTAIN carbs? Maybe. I only tend to get acid reflex when I overeat, for example but overeating low carb food (including tons of bacon, cheese and eggs) NEVER causes it. So you can imagine how I might come to the wrong conclusion, given the overeating only affects it when carbs are involved and yet if I don't overeat (and assuming there isn't already swelling/damage in the esophagus already that could cause it to flare up easier), it doesn't happen either. I've had numbness, tingling, etc. before and if I believed some of the web sites, it must be Splenda! Or Aspartame! But what about all those years without problems? What about the sudden remission of symptoms without changing my diet or drinks? Maybe it's SOMETHING ELSE like STRESS.

I had pains down my arm to my fingers and it turned out to be stress causing my neck muscles to tighten and press on nerves. I went on a cruise and it disappeared the first day. I didn't stop drinking diet pop, but I did relax. If you believe Splenda is causing your pain, you might inadvertently cause yourself stress related pains that have nothing to do with Splenda but when you stop using it, you stop worrying about it causing problems and relax a bit and the pains magically go away. You've just screwed up your own "test" with a variable you never considered. I'm not saying it's impossible for these things to cause problems. I'm saying PEOPLE EASILY JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, particularly when they read crap online.

Cause and effects aren't as trivial as some believe. I could tell you more of my odd health problems over the years, all of which had rational explanations and were eventually figured out and oddly NONE were solved by stopping artificial sweeteners (and yes I tried that a few times myself over the years; no change, but changing my stress/worry/fear DID fix the problems and in one case, taking Sudafed got rid of a pain by my eye that was caused by sinus swelling (no blockage or infection so the sinus specialist doctors had NO CLUE and lead me off track). Yes folks, even doctors don't always know what the hell they're doing. They can and do mis-diagnose and make mistakes all the time. they're just less likely than the average Joe to do it and know a bit more than most of us about medical data in general. But they can still screw up and lead you the wrong direction.

Jan 08, 2015
I have had severe dry mouth from Splenda
by: Anonymous the cause of my severe dry mouth...stopping right now...thanks for the posts.

Feb 04, 2014
by: debbie

I used Splenda for about 7 years. On everything. Never heard anything wrong about it. Just recently in the last three weeks , I started to have a problem with my stomach. Anytime I ate about 2 and a half hours later I had terrible pains in the pit of my stomach. I ended up in the E.R.

Took a cat scan with contrast and they found a lesion on my liver. They asked me if I ever had Cancer. I responded , No. My Dr did Blood work and lots of it. CA-125 (cancer)Plus. Everything came back negative. He says there are no tumor markers. MRI with contrast only shows this one hot spot. All tests have come back negative.

I went to have a liver biopsy today and please say prayers that this also comes back neg. When I in fact showed the Dr. about splenda information he really wouldn't listen to me. If this Biopsy comes back negative. Trust me someone is going to hear me....Oh yes they are.

I have stopped using splenda as of almost 2 weeks ago and feel a difference in my stomach. I have a lot of the side effects of this poison. Hopefully it clears up real soon. Any signs of the side effects. Please stop this product. It is not worth it.

Nov 30, 2012
Dry Mouth and Sick
by: Anonymous

My doctor could not figure out what was wrong with me after blood tests came back normal. I could not taste sweet or salty and my tongue was sore because my mouth was so extremely dry no matter how much I drank. I decided to eliminate Splenda, after trying zinc and soy as recommended by people close to me. It took 5 days, but I gradually improved and got my energy back. I started taking Splenda because it is recommended when on the G.I. diet to lose weight. Splenda should come with a warning on the label. I will never take it again!

Feb 01, 2012
This is me!
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh! This article basically describes what I have been going thru for the last 3 months! I have had the MRI of brain, spine thinking that I had MS too but it all came back negative even though it matched all my sypmptoms. I was convinced that was what I had.

After much prayer with no answers, I was beginning to think I was crazy. On a wild goose chase, my neuro wanted to do a 24 hour urine test on my adrenal gland. In order to do that, I had to be free of coffee, tea, soda, ciggs and medications for 3 days before I could do the test. I was mad because I like all those things and did not want to give them up. I start my day with a 44 ounce diet dr. pepper every day and usually have more depending on how bad my day was. Anyway, on the 5th morning, I woke up so happy because I could have all my stuff back and so I had a cup of coffee with splenda followed by my diet DP. I was thinking that I should go slow because it might make me jittery. I only drank about half the coffee and then decided to attack my DP. Within about 30 minutes, I started having symptoms like you described above. Thankfully, not to the level that they had been that landed me in the ER 3 times!

Anyway, something told me it could be the DP and I should chase it with water to "dilute" it. I started to feel better very quickly! Later that day I got a glass of unsweetened tea and very slowly sipped on it the rest of the day without a problem. My husband was kind of joking and said something about the artificial sweeteners and so I started researching and found this article. I honestly thought I was going to die during this. I can't believe this. Thank you for posting this article.

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