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Aspartame Poisoning
Stole 20 Years of Good Health

by Sue B

I suffered for over 20 years with aspartame poisoning. My health symptoms started shortly after I started using the product back in the early 1980's. It started with a general feeling of not being well and then led to swelling of my hands and knees. The symptoms continued with more swelling, joint pain, headaches, restless legs and such. The doctor could not find anything wrong. They finally claimed I had rheumatoid arthritis and began treating me for it, even though the tests were negative.

My symptoms continue to worsen over the years and I had to find another doctor to help. I went to the University of Minnesota but they couldn't find what was causing the problems. I would get lumps on my head like I had been hit in the head with rocks. They would be very sore and painful and would last for days, they came with headaches and difficulty in concentrating. The pain was getting unbearable. Every joint ached and I had muscle pain all over. I had constant swelling in my hands, feet, knees, joints, muscles, making it very difficult to walk. It hurt so bad to move, yet sitting still hurt as well.

I was finally given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. They gave me pills for pain, pills to sleep, pills for swelling and I would down them with my diet coke. At that time I was drinking about 3-5 per day, along with all the other sugar free products I was using to help me control my weight. Oddly enough, I was still overweight.

I also had problems with carpel tunnel, mortons neuroma in both feet, heart palpatations, chest pain, ringing in the ears, hernia's, hair loss and irregular menstrual periods which finally lead to a complete hysterectomy.

I do not know if all the symptoms were related to the aspartame poisoning, but I sure was a very unhealthy person. The pain just kept getting worse. There was never a day without pain. I would often wonder what it would feel like to have a normal day again. I felt like life was just not worth living in the condition I was in. I do not know how I managed to care for my 2 children and run a child care business in this condition.

I give a lot of credit for my success to my husband. He was very tolerant of me and was always helpful in my suffering. There were times he had to carry me to the bathroom. I would most often not be able to walk for any length of time, my feet would swell so bad. We would often have to get a wheel chair when out in public places.
I continued to pray for an answer that would lead to relief and I did research on my own, thinking there had to be something more. I felt so poisoned, it was as if I could feel the poison running through my veins and making me worse.

It had crossed my mind years before, thinking about the new artificial sweetener that replaced saccharin, since my symptoms started about that time. But I figured it must be safe if it's on the market. How could it not be. Silly me.

Sometime in 2002, the thought popped into my head again about the aspartame, and I decided to rid myself of it. I quit drinking diet coke and started reading labels. I found so many products with artificial sweeteners in them that I never knew about. There were so many names for it as well. It's even in medications and gum.

Within the first few weeks I started feeling better. After a couple of months I had about 60% improvement in my symptoms. After 6 months I was about 80% better and within about a year 95% improved.

Now, I have to watch closely what I eat and I can tell if I ate something that contains disguised artificial sweetners. I will have symptoms immediately. I also find that I will get symptoms again if I am extremely active. I wonder if there is still some of the poisoning in my system. I probably need a serious detoxification program to rid my body of any remaining poisons.

The poisoning began back in 1983 and the nightmare continued until 2003. I regret that I was trusting in the FDA and manufacturers of the products we use. I suffered horribly for 20 years of my life. I was 20 years old in 1983. My twenties and thirties were riddled with pain and agony not to mention the doctors bills. I lost 20 years of my health and the best years of my youth that I can never get back.

I am greatful to God however, that I finally did get an answer to my prayers. I now have pain free days and I never take a single one for granted. I just hope that I can help someone else suffering from aspartame poisoning, before they waste valuable years suffering needlessly.

I do notice that I did start getting noticeable memory loss some time in 2004. I do not know if it is related to all the poisoning, but I can't help but wonder if there will not be more repercussions from 20 years of aspartame poisoning, not to mention any side effects from all of the medications and pain killers I took over the years.

Good luck to all of you working so hard to get the word out about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. Too bad so many had to suffer for so long, but maybe with much effort, more and more people will become educated and less will have to suffer. Thanks for listening, Sue B.

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Stole 20 Years of Good Health

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Jul 03, 2016
Will my memory return NEW
by: Shinny

If I stop drinking aspartame diet sodas will my memory return or improve?

Jul 03, 2016
Will my memory return NEW
by: Shinny

If I stop drinking aspartame diet sodas will my memory return or improve?

Mar 08, 2016
Me too
by: Pam Connolly

I have all the problems you mentioned. I have been a Diet Coke drinker for many years and was given an antidepressant.

I think this covered up the pain for the most part. My doctor wanted me off the antidepressant because studies show it can lead to dementia.

Well life became unbearable. I started drinking only water and iced tea with Stevia and I am feeling much better now. Thank so much for your blog.

Sep 14, 2015
Aspartame Poisoning
by: oning

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Sep 01, 2015
Informative post
by: jhon

I hope you get good health, we should think what we are eating, you have mentioned about artificial sweeteners, which is really a big problem, intact I did not know about it and in future I will see what I am eating because it can cause health problems.

Aug 29, 2015
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by: smith

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May 09, 2015
I drink only about 2 liters a day of diet sprite
by: Barbara

I don't know the answer. Time will tell, once you've stopped drinking the soda and you have given your body time to heal and renew.

The body is amazing, it's always regenerating itself. To develop a healthier body and mind, eat well, rest well and manage your stress.

Best of luck to you. Thanks for commenting.

Apr 05, 2015
Possible aspartame victim
by: AnonymousJudy

I have been consuming Aspartame and Sucralose for probably 33 years.

January of this year (2015) I started having ankle pain (joint) and my thighs ached. Then I started having a numbing sensation and tingling in all my extremities. After lots of blood work, brain MRI, nerve study and doctor visits they haven't found anything wrong with me.

I decided to try a chiropractor who on my second visit suggested I stop with the artificial sweeteners. I did and I am now aspartame free for 6 weeks and sucralose free for 5 weeks. I see improvement, but I know it will take time for my body to heal.

Mar 30, 2015
I drink only about 2 liters a day of diet sprite
by: Anonymous

For the past 15 years I drink only about 2 liters a day of diet sprite and started noticing a complete loss of short term memory (I'm 39)after reading this I've decided to stop drinking it and start drinking water .
Will my memory come back because of that?

Feb 02, 2015
Response to 4 Natural Wellness
by: Barbara

Hope you feel better and we will look forward to your updates. You will certainly be doing your body a favor by deleting aspartame from your diet.

You make a good point about the importance of label reading. Manufacturers will make healthier food products if the demand is there. We must speak our minds using our food purchasing dollars.

Thanks for commenting.

Feb 02, 2015
We will see
by: 4 Natural Wellness

I too have been experiencing all of these symptoms. Sore hands, feet, most muscles and joints. The fatigue has hit me hard.

This all started to escalate in October 14'. The only common denominators are aspartame or menopause. I had been drinking large amounts of Diet Coke over the past year.

I have had all blood work done to rule out most auto immune diseases so as of yesterday, I am going to cut out Aspartame completely. I will post progress in about 30 days.

For those of you who are yogurt eaters, CHOBANI Simply 100 Greek Yogurt has no artificial sweeteners and is really good. I know that other manufacturers are starting to use Stevia instead of aspartame. It's all about the label reading.
In the mean time, a heating pad helps the pain.

Jan 30, 2015
Same with me...
by: Lisa

I've been living with widespread muscle/joint pain for years. It's been getting worse and worse. On a good day I could get by with 800 mg of ibuprofen. On a bad day, 1600 mg. (Prescribed by my doctor).

My niece sent me an article she read about aspartame and muscle pain. I ignored it. Then I went to Europe for a month for work, and had trouble sleeping. So I drank no diet coke because of the caffeine. But I noticed after a week or so was my pain was greatly reduced!

It's now been 6 weeks and I have had no ibuprofen for several of those weeks.
If you have widespread muscle pain/swelling/joint pain, try eliminating aspartame. I hope it works for you as it did for me.

Nov 24, 2014
It has worked!
by: Butterfly

Since I posted in September I have avoided diet drinks containing aspartame. I noticed another type mentioned on here with a different sweetener but I have never seen that brand on sale in England, so I have been unable to try that.

I am pleased to say that the overall muscle and joint pain has drastically improved. I still have a yoghurt containing aspartame occasionally and that doesn't seem to affect me.

Thank you all for your help and helpful comments

Nov 23, 2014
by: Anonymous


Nov 23, 2014
by: Anonymous


Oct 22, 2014
by: Jim H

A little over a month ago I knew my health was failing fast. I could tell I had been retaining fluids high in my chest and had edema in both legs.

I searched the internet for an answer, because I knew I wasn't going to get it at the clinic. I found the site about aspartame, by accident and the rest is history.

I quit taking anything with artificial sweetener in it. On day three my sinuses cleared up. By the end of the first week I could noticeably tell a reduction in fluid retention. Week two and three I had the worst back ache I've ever had and my stool was nearly white. That's over and everything is back to normal.

I can walk further, stand longer, breath better and think faster. My wife has also quit anything aspartame. She also had a lower back ache, which went away after a week. She's diabetic, so we'll see if any other symptoms fall by the wayside.
I strongly suggest aspartame be removed from public consumption and the vendor and responsible FDA personnel be investigated for public poisoning.

Aspartame and Sucralose are bad for you and the companies that produce it know it. Money talks, that's why it's still on the market.
Don't be brainwashed by the greed monsters. Stop taking artificial sweeteners.

Oct 17, 2014
Me Too
by: Anonymous

After more than 20 years of drinking diet drinks I am a type 2 diabetic have chronic osteoarthritis and have been diagnosed with sjogrens an autoimmune condition.

I am in constant pain all through my body to the point where I cant function as a normal person.My sister rang and told me about the side effects of aspartame,I am now weaning myself off, I pray that like you I can regain some health back, it isn't easy to give up, it definitely is addictive and a very soul destroying substance.

Wish me luck it has only been two and a half weeks so I have a hell of a long haul ahead of me. I am 63 years young but feel twice that age.

Sep 27, 2014
Hello all
by: Butterfly

Hello everyone. I hope you don't mind a visitor from England commenting on your blog?

I have just started researching whether aspartame could be giving me extra muscle and joint pain. I usually have one yogurt a day that contains this sweetener and don't know if as little as that can cause it.

Apart from that I try to eat fairly natural food ie: Oats sweetened with honey and fresh fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and a variety of home cooked meals for dinner. I do have a sweet tooth but try to include real chocolate in my diet rather than artificial treats.

However when I go out for a meal or to a pub and want to avoid alcohol, I usually drink diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max. The day after I have drunk these, I can get the most horrendous muscle pains. So I think I will eliminate these drinks to see if it helps.

I do have bad osteoarthritis in my knee so don't know if it will free me entirely from pain but it's worth a go. I will let you know how I get on. Blessings.

Jul 24, 2014
Diet coke is it causing all my pain and loss of strength
by: Janet. ous

July 24th, 2014 today is the last of as pertained for me,I will try this experiment. I am in all over joint pain with loss of strength in my arms we will see what happens.

Have been drinking diet coke for 20+ years. Will try to get husband on board too also experiencing all over pain, and a diet coke drinker who has acquired angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma which could have been caused by diet coke!

Jul 24, 2014
Diet coke is it causing all my pain and loss of strength
by: Janet. ous

July 24 th, 2014 today is the last of as pertained for me,I will try this experiment, I am in all over joint pain with loss of strength in my arms we will see what happens. have been drinking diet coke for 20+ years? will try to get husband on board too also experiencing all over pain, and a diet coke drinker who has acquired angio immunoblastic T cell lymphoma which could have been caused by diet coke!

May 24, 2014
Aspartame - A big culprit
by: Ellen

I was diagnosed with arthritis in the 1990's. I started with arthritis pain in my left knee. My family physician did not pinpoint which type of arthritis it was, maybe just a knee spur.

Over the last five years I have been feeling worse with my arthritis. I go to a rheumatologist every four months. Over time, he has diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis.

It's interesting that no doctor that I have been to has said that diet coke could cause arthritis. I am told to drink lots of water every day. I don't recall my doctors asking me how much diet coke I drank daily, so they probably didn't give it any thought.

I drink two to four cans a day. I know that I have to cut it down, and cut it out completely. Not long ago I tried diet coke with Splenda for something different. That gave me a massive migraine for three days. I stopped drinking that as soon as I realized it. Now, to eliminate the aspartame.

I am hoping that over time that I will start to feel better. I feel encouraged that the writer of the article said that she saw significant improvement in a year. What I seem to miss so far is the carbonation and the caffeine in the morning. I will just need to find suitable replacements, and drink water with some flavor, such as a maybe cherry or lemon.

Apr 22, 2014
Art. Sweeteners should be banned
by: Tlaw

Yep, reading all these comments is like reading about myself, I thought I would cut down on my sugar since diabetes runs in my family.

I would drink 2-3 cups of coffee, tea with 2-3 packets of Splenda, drink Diet coke and other aspartame products.

Within a week I started feeling worse when I thought I should feel better. I would wake with night sweats, have insomnia, muscle spasms in my arms. After about 2 weeks my big toe felt like it was broken, I couldn't wear shoes or even lay a sheet across it,it hurt so bad. Soon after the bones on the sides of my knees hurt so bad I was in tears! Motrin, Tylenol was of no use.

After doing some research I quit the sweeteners and within a day my symptoms improved (Which is certainly no coincidence). This stuff is BAD and the corporations pushing it on the American people need to be held accountable.

Apr 07, 2014
ten days
by: Anonymous

So glad I found this page. I started drinking coke zero ten days ago to avoid sugar. I felt like I had arthritis all over my body, a sore wrist and two very bad knees.

I stopped drinking the coke and noticed my wrist and aches got better. I found the page last night so it's not a placebo effect :)

Thanks again.

Mar 30, 2014
Thank goodenss for the internet....
by: Anonymous

or I would be on some other BS to stop the pain from simple Nutrasweet. I go with Sweet & Low and am fine.

Feb 24, 2014
Add me to the list! 20+ years, too!
by: Judith

I had the incredible pain everyone here has experienced. I got epidural injections in my spine to get a bit of relief. I could hardly walk and was diagnosed as diabetic.

Now, like some of you have mentioned, I can tell within minutes if I've chewed gum with aspartame in it. Watch for it in medications, especially chewable things.

Jan 17, 2014
Aspartame Poising
by: Magic Fingers

I have been drinking Aspartame for about 23 years. I am a Pepsi man. I too was consuming 3-5 a day. In the last three years specifically I have been having the same symptoms. My hands and wrists and ankles and all my joints would swell and be in severe pain. I couldn't sleep at night.

When I went to the doctors offices and hospitals I would request wheelchairs. It would get better then worse then better and worse. It would last for about two weeks, then about a week respite and start up again.

I stopped drinking it 6-7 weeks ago and have more strength now in my legs. No swelling or inflammation in 5-6 weeks. My mood is better. I have been losing weight. About 25 pounds.

I have read that Aspartame Poisoning can go away in as little as 2 months if you detox and can take as much as a year or more if you don't detox. Your situation sounds about right with 95% betterment in a year.

Aspartame Poisoning can destroy muscles, nerves and joints, just about every part of your body. Good luck getting a doctor to diagnose it though. I don't known if it's that they don't want to end up in court or they just prefer to continue misdiagnosing patients.

I have been on disability for over a year now and hope to go back to work if this continues.

Jan 04, 2014
Aspartame Poisoning
by: Anonymous

My brother-in-law came down with same symptoms as everyone has described except his is 10 times worse, can't speak well anymore, can't walk, can't function on his own.

What can be done if anything to help him? He needs his life back, his 17 yr old son needs his dad in a bad way and "his" 1 yr old daughter needs him

Jun 02, 2013
At Least I'm Still Alive
by: Paghat the Ratgirl

Aspartame had me in severe crippling muscle pain for two years before I figured out what it was. The doctor could only give me pain pills that were useless.

Found a list of causes on-line and only aspartame applied. I stopped drinking Coca Cola Zero and chewing trident gum and two weeks later I was mostly well.

At times when it seemed like this was going to be chronic for life, I thought suicide might be the best way to escape it. It's criminal there are no warnings on these products. I might've known to stop using it within a few weeks, if I'd known it was even a possibility for causing this debilitating pain.

Apr 23, 2013
That stuff is a nightmare
by: Anonymous

I too suffered from this product. I almost died. If I try it ever, I immediately hurt now.

Mar 06, 2013
by: sympathiser

I did start drinking diet coke from 1984 and suffered for years until 2001 when I stopped drinking the damn thing. The explanation for your reaction after extreme activity is that one’s body encapsulated the aspartame’s by products Formaldehyde and Methanol in capsules of fat and water. That’s why drinkers of aspartame all appear fat! AS one loses body fat these chemicals get released into body.

Mar 02, 2013
Me too!
by: Jana

Thankfully, I only suffered for months and not years. I did, however, suffer! By the third month of increasing symptoms and 5 doctors with no causes (just treatment) I had begun contemplating my Will. The pain was horrific! I was wearing compression socks, carpel tunnel brace, and had developed baker and ganglion cysts.
It started after I began a diet. It ended when a friend suggested it was sweeteners. I quit the sweeteners (Splenda is NO better) and within a couple days knew exactly what had been causing me issues.
I am now pain free! This stuff is the devil!!! I'm only 33 and I felt 90!
I am also a law student and lost a lot of study time to this affliction. It affects your memory, concentration, and sleep - my insomnia was crazy! Even if you suspect sweeteners are affecting you, STOP. You will know within a week if that was the problem.

Feb 24, 2013
Interesting subject.
by: Grapenuts

I never touch diet drinks, But do use artificial sweeteners in coffee, and other things. I will have to work on getting away from all the fake stuff and see what happens.
My severe pain from fibromyalgia, blurring vision and diminished memory and all the other insane things that are going on may improve, at this point even a bit of relief would be great.

My onset of symptoms of constant pain was around mid 80's so it's possible.

Is there any drug or vitamin to ~ clean this stuff out of my system?

Feb 22, 2013
by: Sterlingirl

I have been using sugar free products for about 30 years. I'm not a huge diet soda drinker, but I chew sugar free gum and use sugar free coffee creamer every day. About a year ago, I experienced joint aches and pains in my shoulders and elbows; also numbness and tingling in the fingers of my right hand. My weight is normal and I have always been physically active and healthy so I was surprised to have such pain that prevented me from playing golf or going about life without taking an OTC pain reliever. A friend described a similar experience of joint pain and the association of aspartame in his diet. When he stopped ingesting aspartame, his symptoms were gone! I tried it and within a week, I had improvement. In a few months, my pain level went to nearly zero! I read labels now and I'm very careful about what I choose to eat or drink.

Feb 21, 2013
by: Dee

This is like reading about myself!
Someone posted an article on FB today so I googled it and found many postings... Coke zero will never pass my lips again!

Mar 02, 2011
some of the same symptoms
by: saldivarmom

I've had some of the same symptoms as you. I thought I'm too young to be in pain every day. I also had small hair loss around the temples. I'm so glad to know it's not just me whose had some of these problems. I can't believe how much better I'm starting to feel just after 4 weeks.

Jun 02, 2010
same symptoms
by: sapphirestorm

I just want to thank the person for posting this. I have experienced almost all symptoms listed here for about 1 yr and a half. Very uncomfortable and puzzling. Now after reading this I don't feel crazy, lol. I will do more investigating and hopefully the doctors can help me.
Thank you.

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