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Good Sources of
Dietary Fiber Questionnaire

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Having good sources of dietary fiber in your diet is crucial to good health.

good sources of dietary fiber

Good sources of dietary fiber include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Most people just don't get enough fiber rich foods everyday.

Getting enough fiber is not only a healthy choice but it's necessary for good bowel health.

Fiber rich foods detoxify the body and lower your cholesterol and your blood sugar.

Why You Need Good Sources of Dietary Fiber

The fiber in foods is very important to intestinal and general health. Not only is fiber important for proper elimination, it also inhibits toxins from being absorbed into the body.

Fiber can help to lower cholesterol and slow the absorption of sugar from the digestive tract to help balance blood sugar in diabetes. Fiber also feeds the friendly bacteria probiotics) found in the colon.

This short questionnaire was developed by one of my instructors, Steven Horne, a natural health expert.  It should help you determine how well you're doing in the fiber department!

To find out if you need a fiber supplement, check the answer that best applies to you for each of the following questions. Then, score the total number of points for each answer at the bottom of the page.

Do you primarily eat whole grains (whole grain bread, brown rice, etc.) or refined grains (white rice, white flour, etc.)?

  • I mostly eat whole grains (15 points)
  • I sometimes eat whole grains (5 points)
  • I mostly eat refined grains (0 points)

Do you usually eat the peelings on potatoes, cucumbers, apples and other fruits and vegetables or do you usually discard the peelings?

  • I usually eat the peelings of fruits and vegetables (15 points)
  • I usually eat peeled fruits and vegetables 
  • I rarely eat fruits and vegetables (0 points)

How often do your bowels eliminate?

  • Twice a day or more (15 points)
  • Once a day (5 points)
  • Less than once a day (0 points) 

What is your stool like?

  • Soft, long pieces and easy to pass (15 points)
  • Hard, lumpy and diffi cult to pass (10 points)
  • Frequent diarrhea or watery stool (5 points)
  • Other (5 points) 

Do you have high cholesterol (over 250)?

  • No (5 points)
  • Yes (0 point)

Total Your Points Here _____

Interpreting Your Results:

  • If you scored 45 or more, you’re doing great and obviously getting good sources of dietary fiber!
  • Score less than 45, you could probably benefit from a fiber supplement.
  • If you scored less than 25, you could definitely benefit from a fiber supplement.

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