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Organic Handmade Soap

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I have been looking for an organic handmade soap because I have been reading about all the toxins and harsh chemicals that are in our personal care hygiene products.

Finding an all natural soap that was safe and effective was just one more step in my quest to make healthy choices to improve my overall health.

On a recent visit with my sister, I learned about an organic handmade soap she had found and really liked.

So naturally, I had to try it. I not only liked it, but I bought her remaining supply.

Knowing how hard it can be to find quality products, I thought I would share a little about this company and their all natural soap products.

The company is located in the United States and is called, Old Post Road Oils.

Soft Oil Soap

Soft Oil Soap is a great choice to keep at the kitchen sink or in the bathrooms. It's a very powerful yet exceptionally mild natural liquid soap. Interestingly, this organic handmade soap was tested in an auto repair shop for two months.

The mechanics found that it cleans as well as the industrial pumice-based detergents that they normally use. They were, to say the least, quite surprised.

It's extremely effective in cleaning oil, grease, dirt, and paint on hands and body. As a natural soap, the pH of Soft Oil Soap is 9.5, well above the threshold pH that human bacteria can survive in.

organic hand soap

Thus, washing with Soft Oil Soap creates a natural environment in which bacteria cannot survive.

This is an entirely different approach to alcohol-based anti-bacterial detergents. Not only are these products being shown clinically to be deficient in killing bacteria, but they also can be very drying to the skin with repeated washes.

Because Soft Oil Soap retains its natural glycerin and is further boosted with lanolin and jojoba oil, as well as added glycerin, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Even repeated washes will leave hands feeling soft and never dry.

Pear Tree For Women

The Pear Tree organic handmade soap formula was designed for women with moisturizing ingredients like lanolin, jojoba oil, glycerin and rosin. It's gently scented with the soft fragrance of balsam, bergamot and a hint of fresh citrus.

This is a great soap to keep in your shower. I not only use it on my face and body, but I also use it to shave my legs too. You get that squeaky clean feel without ever feeling dry.

HAE 19 Facial Wash

The HAE 19 formula is a great facial wash. It was initially developed for teens with skin problems. Like all their soaps, it is exceptionally mild and very gentle to the skin, yet it cleans deep within the pores to remove oil and dirt.

Women also have found HAE 19 to be a great makeup remover. That discovery was first made by a professional clown, who uses HAE 19 to remove his stage makeup.

No. 4 The Perfect Shave

There aren't too many shaving lubricants made from organic handmade soap. Men from Italy, Spain, Canada and across the U.S. are calling it the best shaving cream there is.

No. 4 Shaving Soap is an all natural, liquid soap made exclusively from soft oils; no hard oils like coconut or palm oil that can be biting or drying to the skin.

It also contains healthy skin-nourishing ingredients like lanolin, jojoba oil, glycerin and aloe vera.

Men have long been dissatisfied with shave foam and gel. Women too, have never been sold on foam for shaving.

Over 70% of women shave their legs with the soap they have at hand. What they're really using isn't soap at all, but detergent bars.

These detergent bars cannot match the lubricity of a natural organic handmade soap.

Shaving Soap vs. Shaving Cream

No. 4 Shaving Soap has almost no lather. That's because the oils that produce lather in mens shaving cream are harsh to the skin. Mildness and lubricity are the two key functions that are needed for a truly good shaving experience.

The use of synthetic foam or gel requires cans that are pressurized with propane and butane. Those cans go into landfills by the hundreds of millions every year. Old Post Road Oils are made from all natural ingredients and its containers are recycled.

Perfect Shave Tips Using Organic Handmade Soap

shaving with organic handmade soap

Hot soapy water makes the best lubricant for shaving. Day old whiskers have the consistency of copper wire. 

The best means of softening them for shaving is with water. But it is difficult to hold water onto the whiskers.

Natural soap molecules act as magnets - one end is attracted to water and the other end is attracted to skin oil.

Hot soapy water is held naturally to the whiskers: the water softens the whiskers and the lubricity of the soap glides the razor across the face for a perfect shave.

You'll notice an immediate difference in the daily shave, but it's even more noticeable when you've got 3-4 days of old growth. As you men know, that can be a painful shave. But No. 4 turns that growth into wet spaghetti.

The shave is every bit as smooth and painless as shaving a day-old growth. It's economical too: an 8 ounce bottle with deliver about 160 shaves. This is truly a homemade shaving cream that defies all expectations for shaving.

To learn more about this amazing handmade organic soap, go to the Old Post Road Oils website. 

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