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Weight Loss Tips

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This page on weight loss tips doesn't promote a particular program or diet.   Choosing a weight loss program is a very individual thing.  What works for one, may not work for another.

It's easy to get discouraged when you don't get the results you want.  I want to encourage you to just keep tweaking your plan until you find the right diet or program that works for you. 

Perhaps some of these healthy weight loss tips can help motivate you to succeed no matter what program you choose!

Weight Loss Tips For A Great Start

The easiest part of starting a weight loss program is simply deciding that you want to lose weight. 

However, to truly be committed to losing weight, you really need to dedicate yourself to the task.

Health magazines, websites and weight loss programs frequently offer promises of easy weight loss.  The truth is ..... losing weight is not easy for most people.

So how can you increase your chances of becoming a thinner you?

healthy weight loss tips

Feel The Power

Be definite about your commitment. It isn’t enough just to read some weight loss tips and say that you are going to lose some weight.

You really need to feel the power behind your decision and get excited about it.

An easy way to put power behind your words is to tell your family, spouse, partner or friends.

There is just something about telling someone out loud that makes you suddenly feel like you can follow through.

Set a Plan 

One of the best weight loss tips is to make a plan and follow your plan. 

Write down specifically what changes you are going to make.

Plan meals in advance and purchase the things that you need.

Having these foods on hand makes it less likely to fall back into old habits.

This will also keep you from feeling like you need to dine out or just grab some type of junk food that may be nearest to you.

Weight Loss Tips and Smart Food Choices

What About Exercise?

  • If you have not been exercising, set aside a committed time of day for your workouts.
  • If you have been exercising, what can you do to make your work out time more effective?
  • Are there ways to increase the intensity of your workout, change things up or increase the amount of time working out?
  • If you have no time for exercise, check these ways to burn more calories during your daily activities.

Photo Motivation 

Here's a simple weight loss tip.... take "Before” and “After” photos of yourself.

If the thought makes you uncomfortable, remember that there’s no need to place your pictures on display anywhere in your home, like on the fridge or mantel.

Keep them in a sock drawer or in your wallet so that you will see them often.

Every couple of months you can take progress pictures so you can see how far you have come.

Weight loss can feel tedious, but when you see the “after” pictures it will keep you encouraged and excited about what you are doing.

Set Reasonable Goals 

Don’t try to push yourself. By setting unreasonable expectations you are setting yourself up for failure.

For example, planning to lose 20 lbs in 1 month is not only absurd, but unhealthy.

Telling yourself that you will drink nothing but water and have only broth for meals will also cause your body great harm.

The average weight loss per week is about 3 lbs. Start small at 1 or 2 pounds and work up from there.

Be Patient and Forgive Yourself

Take it day by day and then week by week and always remember that if you make a mistake and go hog wild —it’s okay! Get back on track immediately so you don’t stray too far.

Reward Yourself 

Make sure you set some mini-goals along the way so you can enjoy some mini-rewards.

While a bite or two of a favorite food may work for some, others will be too challenged to stop.

If that's you, make your reward non-food related, attend a sports game, get a massage, get a manicure or facial, whatever is "special" to you.

Diet Pills Etc 

As you know, there are many diet pills and drinks on the market that make outrageous claims. We suggest that you be aware, do your homework and above all else consider your health.

We are not bashing all "diet aids" because there are some great products that can be quite helpful.

There are some very effective, safe and natural supplements that can be beneficial in helping you lose weight.

Keeping It Off  

Ultimately, to sustain long term weight loss it will take a lifestyle change, not just a temporary diet or exercise plan. The prize for all of this is, better health, vitality, and longevity! What more could you ask for?!

We hope the above healthy choices and weight loss tips will give you the boost you need to get in shape.

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